LVHS Seniors Receive Personalized Gift Baskets

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Joining the LVHS seniors are Scott and Susan Hert, Superintendent Peter Livingston, School Board President (and event creator) Jessica Risler, Co-Principal Kelly Boeing, and Assistant Superintendent/Co-Principal Nate Lambdin.
As seniors in the Class of 2022 enjoy their last days at Lucerne Valley High School, they are reminded that there are others who support them today and beyond. On Thursday, May 19, the students gathered to receive their personalized gift baskets, which were made possible by community members who assembled special gifts for each.
Topping off the special event, which is the brainchild of Jessica Risler, the president of the Lucerne Valley USD’s Board of Trustees, was another gift basket put together by local businessman Scott Hert and his wife Susan. Among the Herts’ gifts were Class of 2022 T-shirts and $100 for each graduate. After receiving the gifts, each student wrote thank you notes to their donors.
Scott Hert shared his family’s rags-to-riches business story of how his father started with nothing and through determination and hard work built S.S. Hert Trucking into a thriving, successful business that employees 50 with locations in several states. He encouraged all students to maintain a positive mindset and they too can find success in life.
The following high school seniors received personalized gift baskets:
Daisy Alonzo, Lizbeth Avelar, Armando Castellon, Robert Cook, Sabrina Cortez, Thomas Cota, David Daniels, Andrea Garcia, Adam Gutierrez, Makayla Harris, Abigail Johnson, Lukas King, Juana Ledezma, Landon Lindner, Christopher Lowe, Krystal Mills, Amethyst Murdock, Emma Nefferdorf, Jasmine Nguyen, Josclyn Nichols, Elissa Otwell, Autumn Peterson, Melody Picco, Jose Ponce-Morales, Robert Rietdyk, Connor Rudolph, Cadence Russ, Mario Sierra, Andrew Silva, Levar Timmons, Jacob Vaughn, Liliana Velasco, Michael Warnock, Hannah Whitcanack, Blaine-Monet Willoughby, Paula Woods, Ethan Uddin, Jason Rocha, Alex Ramos, Wyatt Perry, Jeremiah Espinoge, and Jeremiah Jorden.
The following are the gift basket donors (some donors gave more than one basket):
Jessica Haecker, The Boeing Family, the L.V. Museum, H&H Dirtworks, Stephanie Hansen, T.C. & Sons Construction, the Otwell Family, Keri Gasper, Rhonda Newman, Tammy Nichols, Cindy Lattin-Oliveira, Vickie McLaughlin, Jessica Risler, Ashley Thompson, Vici Miller, Kelly Boeing, Sarah Courtney, Braelyn Gasper, Scott & Kristin Gasper, Karol Thompson, Shannon Mathieu, Denise Quesenbery, Kevin Barda, USA Septic/Amy Nichols, Mike Kalinowski, Michelle Boren, Marina Chicca, Elaine Risler, Carisha Burns, Cindy Lazenby, Brun Risler, Jessica Haecker and the SAI Department and Giles Construction.
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