‘Epic’ Multi-Year LVHS Class Reunion Planning Underway

The Lucerne Valley Middle High School East Coast/DC Crew & Reunion Committee is planning and organizing a reunion for the 15 years of graduating classes from 1995-2010. Aptly called the “Epic Multi-Year Class Reunion,” the event will combine the reunion and school’s 25th anniversary into one epic celebration.
The Epic Multi-Year Class Reunion will be held on September 27-28 at the Holiday Inn in Victorville. The event will kick off with a cocktail mixer on Friday night followed by a dinner and dancing event on Saturday.
“It will be more than just a reunion,” said organizer Ms. Naomi Oyadomari, “it will be a coming together of alumni, former staff, and current staff who helped make Lucerne Valley High School what it is today. It’s going to be a celebration of the ‘little school that could’ and the town of Lucerne Valley, which was the beginning of so many of our students’ lives.” 
Proceeds from the event will help to benefit students of the East Coast/DC 2020 Trip.
“We’d like as many of you to be part of this celebration,” Ms. Oyadomari said. “We will offer staff and former staff the special rate of $25, just to cover the cost of your buffet dinner.”
Ms. Oyadomari, who has been a teacher at LVMHS for the duration, encourages everyone share this information with any former high school staff, especially those who taught at the high school between the years of 1995 and 2010. “We’d love to see them come back and celebrate with the alumni.”
Reunion event tickets are available on Eventbrite.com #LVHSepicMultiYearClassReunion, or call 760-248-2124. To see more updates on the reunion join the reunion Facebook group page at Lucerne Valley High School Class Reunion Committee on Facebook.
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