Mustang Cross Country Runners Getting PR’s

 After a few years of not participating in cross country, Lucerne Valley High School is back. The team is in a rebuilding year but shows promising talent.
The team is composed of seniors Elijah Lien and Austin Garcia; sophomores Noemy Magdaleno, Jack Allee and Aloura Cook; and freshmen Mario Sierra, David Daniels, Josh Lovejoy, and Robert Cook.
The athletes have personal records that were recently achieved at their three-mile meets: Elijah Lien 23:07, Austin Garcia 25:39, Noemy Magdaleno 25:49, Aloura Cook 35:10, Mario Sierra 23:32, David Daniels 24:50, Josh Lovejoy 31:24, Jack Allee 30:30, and Robert Cook 23:32.
“Our team is hoping to improve their PR’s at the upcoming finals run next Tuesday,” said head coach Guillermo Betancourt.
The Mustang cross country team and others teams will compete in the Cross Valley League finals on Tuesday, Oct. 30 at 3:15 p.m. at Horsemen’s Center Park in Apple Valley.
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