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Middle School Looks To Fill Coaching Positions

Lucerne Valley Middle High School is looking to fill two coaching positions for the fall sports season. The school has openings for head coach and assistant coach of the Middle School football team. 
Each of the part-time positions pays a $1,100 stipend.
Successful applicants will attend practices and games. Candidates must be knowledgeable of rules, regulations, skills, strategies, and concepts of the sport and have the ability to work effectively and cooperatively with students, parents, peers and others. They must exhibit positive leadership skills, good sportsmanship, and integrity.
Successful applicants also must be able to meet current CIF coaching requirements and Lucerne Valley Unified School District established pre-employment requirements. 
Applicants must possess a California Driver's License and High School diploma or equivalent. Candidates must submit these items along with at least one letter of recommendation dated within the last two years. Coaches serve under the direction of the school principal and athletic director.
Employment applications for the positions are on To apply for the head coach position go to To apply for the assistant coach position visit