L.V. Middle School Promotes 72

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May 26, 2023

Lucerne Valley Middle School promoted the 8th grade class — which now becomes the high school Class of 2027 — in an early evening ceremony on Ron Peavy Football Field on Thursday, May 25, 2023.
The 72 8th-graders were greeted by a strong High Desert wind and numerous family and friends packed into the bleachers. Principal Mr. Jason story welcomed the crowd and introduced the dignitaries and speakers.
ASB President Roberta Fernandez led the “Pledge of Allegiance” followed by a speech by student speaker Genisis Ayala. She thanked people who had made a difference in their journey. Those people included counselor Mr. Barda, ASB coordinator Mrs. McDonough, and her mom.
“It’s surrealistic to me to see me and me classmates begin our journey to high school,” she said. Genisis reminisced about Middle School and then talked about going into High School. “All I hope is these next four years will go as good as the past ones.”
Student Council/ASB Awards were handed out, and Mrs. McDonough, who serves as the Middle School ASB advisor, shared some thoughts. 
“Their creativity and hard work has no boundaries,” she said of the ASB students. “It has been an honor to spend this year with them.”
Student Speaker Kaden Tinder shared his thoughts and reminisced fondly of all the great times as a Colt. “These upcoming high school years will be very challenging,” he said. “We will continue to expand our knowledge anyway possible. Keep pushing forward.”
Mr. Barda and Ms. Barajas presented the certificates of promotion.

Middle School Teachers:
Mr. Almodovar, Ms. Barden, Mr. Chip, Mrs. Evans, Mr. Franz, Mr. Gaskell, Mr. Graybill, Mr. Haecker, Mrs. James, Mr. C. Klinger, Mr. J. Klinger, Mr. Ledbetter, Mrs. Logan, Mr. Lyon, Mr. Madrid, Mrs. McDonough, Mr. Neumann, Ms. Ortiz, Mr. Roehl, and Ms. Stohs.
LVMS 8th Graders Promoted:
Edgar Archila, Patrick Atkins, Genesis Ayala, Morgan Balloue, Dominic Briceno, Marionna Bridges, Atticus Buck, Maria Calderon Andrade, Mabely Cazales Zamora Julio Chavarria, Lailah Chavez, Chasaty Contreras, April Cortes, Luis Cortez, Kelsie Crossland, Dutch Demke, Alain Duran Vidrio, Daniel Espinoza Garcia, Roberta Fernandez, Yadir Ferrer, Natalie Flores, Ariana Garcia, Brody Geist, Jonathan Gonzalez, Skyler Guy, Taylor Hanna, Mahaylia Harris, Emmalee Hendricks, Brian Hernandez, Xzavier Julien, Izzabella Kerestessy, Shelby Kerestessy, Odin Koogle, Joaquin Landeros, Iraina LeAir, Ithalia Leal, Allannie Lepe, Alexander Macias Garcia, Mauricio Martinez Miranda, Ashlyn McTiernan, Yareli Melendrez, Christian Molano, David Molina, Anthony Navarro, Richard Noa Alavez, Cheyenne Olson, Valeria Ortega, Taylor Paddack, Benjamin Peek, Jasmine Pepper, Xorai Perez, Brandon Peterson, Sarai Rodriguez, Zaira Rodriguez, Haiden Rollins, Viviana Sanchez Mendoza, Patrick Sanders, Alexis Seaver, Robert Sepulveda, Francisco Siranda, Kennyth Smith, Maxwell Stiles, Kaylene Stout, Wyatt Surber, Kaden Tinder, Andrew Wakewood, Leanne Watson, Chailynn Waugh-Zeller, David Webster, Samantha Whitehall, Travis Wilson.
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Writer: Peter Day
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