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Boys Agape All-Star Game Starts At 7 p.m. on Friday

Avary Leads
Avary Baruch, who will participate in Friday's All-Star game, leads a Mustang fast break. Photo by Peter Day
Twenty-eight of the area’s top boys basketball players are expected to play at the Agape Valley Conference All-Star game at Lucerne Valley on Friday, March 10th at 7 p.m. Coach Garcia of Silver Valley will coach the East Team. East players will wear darks/road uniforms. Coach Baines of Riverside Prep will coach the West team. West players will wear white/home uniforms.
“Last year was a blast, so we hope we can repeat this year!” said Lucerne Valley High School Co-Athletic Director Brandon Barkley.
Cost is $5 for adults and $3 for children over 5. Tickets can be purchased at the door.  A taco lady will serve tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more.


All-Star game player Aidan Morgan powers past an opponent during the regular season. Photo by Peter Day


East Team- Coach:  Coach Garcia (Silver Valley) Wearing Darks/Road

    1.    Trevon Vargas #4 (Silver Valley)
    2.    Avary Baruch #12 (Lucerne Valley)
    3.    Aidan Morgan #10 (Lucerne Valley)
    4.    Kyle Day #24 (Hesperia Christian)
    5.    Liam Vander Weide #21 (Hesperia Christian)
    6.    Jared Bragg #12 (Hesperia Christian)
    7.    Cody New #10 (Hesperia Christian)
    8.    Gilbert Betancourt (University Prep)
    9.    Jason Allen (University Prep)
    10.    Aaden Robles #25 (CIMS)
    11.    Lisandro Rojas #11 (Big Bear)
    12.    Braeden Varney #22 (Big Bear)
    13.    Gage Rodriguez #20 (Summit Leadership Academy)
    14.    Darely Smith #11 (Summit Leadership Academy)

West Team- Coach: Coach Baines (Riverside Prep) Wearing White/Home

    1.    Andre Macey #2 (Riverside Prep)
    2.    James Robinson #5 (Riverside Prep)
    3.    Andrae Jamison #1 (Riverside Prep)
    4.    Chase Daniel #12 (Riverside Prep)
    5.    Jared Taylor #4 (Riverside Prep)
    6.    Manraj Chahal #0 (AAE)
    7.    Logan Spidle #11 (AAE)
    8.    Nick Ricardo #1 (AAE)
    9.    Chris Diaz #34 (AAE)
    10.    Carter Oerman #14 (Excelsior)
    11.    Robert Black (Excelsior)
    12.    Kaleb Ramos #10 (Excelsior)
    13.    Myles Kanyike (Victor Valley Christian)
    14.    Aaron Maynard #4 (ACE)