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Edyn Herrera, Meilani Nguyen and Emilia Daniels Named LVMHS Students of the Month

Lucerne Valley Middle High School this week recognized three students as Students of the Month. Middle school award winners are Edyn Herrera and Meilani Nguyen. The high school Student of the Month is Emilia Daniels.
Teachers shared what makes each student special and especially deserving of the awards in video messages.
Emilia Daniels SOS
“Emilia is an excellent choice for high school Student of the Month,” wrote math teach Mr. Guillermo Betancourt. “Emilia has exemplary study habits and a strong work ethic. Emilia is concerned about excellence and performing above and beyond what is expected of her. Emilia is courteous in more ways than one. For example, she spends extra time writing out work in MS Word just so everything can be seen by the teacher. Emilia attends tutoring and corresponds with the teacher whenever needed. Emilia comes to class prepared and actively participates in class discussions. She is a role model for all high school students and encompasses what an excellent student should be.”
Ms. McClellen said, “She always has her camera on, participates, turns in everything on time, and shows insight and thoughtfulness in her work!” Mr. Van Bavel, Mr. Calder and Mrs. Schlenz also commended Emilia via video.
Meilani Nguyen SOS

MEILANI NGUYEN (Middle School)
“I’m so happy that Meilani is being honored with Student of the Month,” said music teacher Mrs. James. “This is her second year in my strings class and she has been consistently wonderful. Meilani has a work ethic and perseverance that means she conquers every challenge and never misses an assignment. She maintains positive relationships with her peers and teachers. That is a very professional way of pointing out that Meilani is incredibly polite and kind. She has a beautiful personality that makes her a joy to be around. Plus, she may try to deny it, but she is becoming quite a skilled violinist!”
Mr. Betancourt said, “Meilani is an 8th grader taking a 9th grade math class. This is challenging in itself and even more so with Zoom classes. Meilani is always on time to class, always has her camera on, consistently participates in class discussions and questions asked by the teacher. Meilani follows directions and does not hesitate in completing assignments/quizzes, in fact she is usually first to submit her completed work. Meilani is a role model for all middle school students and exemplifies what is needed to succeed in a higher level math class.”
Edyn Herrera SOS
EDYN HERRERA (Middle School)
“I just wanted to congratulate you on getting ‘Student of the Month’,” said teacher/coach Nolan Almodovar. “Well deserved. For a kid your age already showing this kind of discipline and dedication and motivation is incredible. I know you told me you wanted to be an engineer and I have no doubt that you could do that and that you’d be successful at it. Thank you for being a great student. Keep it up.”
Other teachers congratulating Edyn on video were Mr. Louis Madrid and Ms. Mariah McClellan.
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