Lucerne Valley Middle School Promotes 62

By LVUSD Social Media Staff
Sixty-two Lucerne Valley Middle School 8th-graders were promoted during a ceremony on May 29 at the Lucerne Valley High School’s Sgt. Brian L. Walker Memorial Gymnasium.
Student Shania Tierce led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Principal Nate Lambdin introduced the staff. LVMS teachers include Mr. Betancourt, Mr. Calder, Mr. Chip, Mrs. Haecker, Mr. Jaime, Ms. James, Mr. Klinger, Ms. Loucks, Ms. McDonough, Mrs. Monson, Mrs. Ortiz, Ms. Oyadomari and Mr. Roehl.
“These people are among the best I’ve ever worked with,” Mr. Lambdin said.
The principal then introduced Mr. Roehl and Ms. Oyadomari, who spoke about the school’s AVID program. AVID is a college and post high school readiness program that assists students to develop skills necessary for college and beyond. “We wanted to start AVID for a long time,” Ms. O said. “We finally did it last year.”
Student speakers were Alexis Porter, Kimberley Barajas-Velazquez and Kailey Quintero.
Mr. Lambdin and Assist. Principal Kelly Boeing presented awards to Honor Roll students with Ms. Boeing presenting awards for perfect attendance. Associated Student Body (ASB) advisor Cynthia McDonough thanked ASB officers for their hard work throughout the year.
The principal and assistant principal presented the certificates of promotion to the students.
The following are the 62 8th-graders who were promoted to high school:
Savanna Acero, Juan Alba, Kimberley Barajas-Valazquez, Blake Bartlett, Avary Baruch, Alexis Bolanos, Jack Brown, Aleiah Chamberlain, Ian Collins, Dakota Combee, Mackayla Connelly, Joshua Contreras, Linda Cossio Avelar, Mariesther Davalos, Courtney Davis, Haley Dinelli, Damon Douglas, Harley Eaton, Olivia Edwards, Davianna Enderle-Trindle, Christal Esparza, Omar Fausto, Aiden Fearn, Lillianna Forstyle, Bruce Fowler, Humberto Garcia, Christian Gutierrez, Jesse Gutierrez, Ian Hess, Lucian Kennedy, Madeline Kline.
Others were Gavin Lembcke, Kendra Lopez, Kimberly Luna, Allen McCoy, Jose Mendoza, Carlos Monterrozo Rosales, Brayden Moxin, Ruby Muniz-Diaz, Christian Ortiz, Robert Palmer, Lyric Pearson, Osiris Perez, Alexis Porter, Savannah Porter, Kailey Quintero, Tatiana Raybon, Kayla Reyes, Harlee Sheehan, Denver Staup, Riley Stearns, Sierra Stoffel, Christopher Tellez Duch, Richard Terletter, Amber Terraza Ornelas, Shania Tierce, Kayla Timmons, Daniel Torres, Tatum Vaca, Brita Vaughn, Tervor Walczyk and Emilee Walters-Cook.
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