Fair, Banquet Cap FFA Chapter’s School Year

By Peter Day
While the school year was winding down, many Lucerne Valley FFA members were gearing up.
For the past week and a half, a number of chapter members have transported their steers, lambs, hogs and goats to the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville to show and sell their animals they have raised since last year.
On May 13, the Lucerne Valley FFA Chapter held its annual banquet in the Sgt. Brian L. Walker Memorial Gymnasium at Lucerne Valley High School. A few months ago, after longtime FFA advisor Troy Van Bavel sustained an injury requiring rest, assistant FFA advisor Danielle Hickman took up the reins.
Following the dinner event’s opening ceremony, numerous awards were presented to the members. Following are the evening’s main awards:
Star Greenhand - Liliana Velasco
Star Chapter Farmer - Jesus Alcazar
Mustang Ag Award - Hollie Lopez
Honorary Member - Peter Livingston, superintendent of the LVUSD
New officers were sworn in. Officers for the 2019-20 school year:
President - Katelyn Miller
Vice-President - Jesus Alcazar
Secretary - Korrina Medina
Treasurer - Omar Orozco
Reporter - Liliana Velasco
Sentinel - Tatum Fox
Mr. Van Bavel also presented the “Zoo Awards” for 2018-19:
Most FFA Activities - Jesus Alcazar ad Omar Orozco
Great Attitude Award - Sione Duart
Congeniality- Abigail Johnson
Super Scrapbooker - Alyssa Grizzle
Fantastic Freshman - Liliana Velasco
Making the Most of It - Robert Rietdyk
Hey I Can Do That - Wendy Smith
Hey I Can Do That - Josclyn Nichols
Hard Working Man - Jesus Alcazar
Get’er Done - Tatum Fox
Getting Away With Stuff - Omar Orozco
Count On Me - Esmeralda Alcazar
Win With A Grin - Landon Lindner
Most Improved - Katelyn Miller
Super Senior - Jeremy Smith
The follow are the FFA Chapter’s Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) Project Honorable Mention awards:
Agricultural Communications - Placement: Katelyn Miller
Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Placement: Akira Ogawa
Beef Production - Entrepreneurship: Hollie Lopez
Equine Science - Placement: Breanna Mills
Home and/or Community Development - Placement: Jasmine Nguyen
Landscape Management - Placement: Nitzia Bojorquez
Nursery Operations - Placement: Kayleigh Safahi
Poultry Production - Placement: Karla Flores
Sheep Production - Entrepreneurship: Dayana Valenzuela
Sheep Production - Placement: Esmeralda Alcazar
Swine Production - Placement: Wendy Smith
Swine Production - Entrepreneurship: Robert Rietdyk
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